Schumer Speaks Out on Adoption Ban

Schumer on Adoptions

(WENY)---      Hundreds of New York area families are in limbo, unsure of what happens now since a new Russian law has cut them off from the children they hoped to bring into their lives. 

Now, New York Senator Chuck Schumer is asking the Russian government to put politics aside and let the adoptions that are already underway, be completed.

He said that while the two countries are negotiating lifting the ban for the long term, families who have already started the process should be allowed to finish, saying, "Let the parents who have begun this process, who have met their children, who have traveled tens of thousands of miles and put in months and sometimes years of work, to finish the adoption process and bring these children to a house of love here in the America."

      The United States and Russia have begun negotiations to lift the adoption ban. Meanwhile, the new law in Russia does allow the courts and officials to complete adoptions that were already underway.