Sandusky Pre-trial and Secretive Meeting

Sandusky Pre-trial and Secretive Meeting

BELLEFONTE, PA. (WENY)---Rumors are swirling this morning, after an unannounced meeting with Jerry Sandusky and his lawyers.

That meeting was at the Centre County Courthouse yesterday- something that took a lot of people by surprised since most meetings have been publicized.

As of now, we don't know exactly what was discussed but Sandusky is not expected to be back in court for his pre-trial hearing today.

Today's hearing will address the final motions filed before Sandusky's June 5th trial, including a move by attorney's of alleged victims to have their identities concealed when they take the stand.

Also, another try by the defense to have the judge dismiss some or all of the 52 child sex abuse charges against the former Penn. State Coach.