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Gut Wrenching Sandusky Trial

Gut Wrenching Sandusky Trial

BELLEFONTE (WENY)---It was a gut wrenching day in the trial that already rocked one of America's most powerful universities- Penn State.

It was a day packed with drama and pain, that even the jurors were crying.

It happened when victim number of on former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky, just 18, broke down on the witness stand--- crying as he remembered the abuse he endured as a little boy.

Former assistant coach Mike McQuerry also took the stand, describing a time when he walked in on Sandusky and a young boy in the Penn state showers.

Thomas Kline, the attorney for Victim 5, says, "He told the jury I'm sure about it and no mistake that this was extremely sexual in nature and something that was horrible." >

The trial continues today.