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Schumer: Gun Control Background Checks

Schumer: Gun Control Background Checks

(WENY)--- Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on Congress to pass a gun control bill that includes universal background checks. 

The Senator was in New York city with NYPD Commisioner, Ray Kelly and people who have lost their family members to gun violence. Schumer says the Brady Law has helped keep guns out of the hands of many dangerous people...but more needs to be done.               

 "Very simply, the idea that while law abiding citizens, under the second amendment, have a right to a gun, there are reasonable limits on that second amendment," said Shumer. "And one of the most reasonable says a felon, someone adjudicated mentally ill, a spousal abuser, should not have a gun because of the danger they wreack when guns get in their hands."

Commisioner Ray Kelly said, "The leading cause of death of New Yorkers age 15-24 is gun violence. 65% of murders in New York City are the result of illegal guns.  90% of the guns that we confiscate here come from out of state.  So universal background checks at least can help stem the tide of this gun problem.  The fact that we in this city still have way too many guns."

The Senate could debate the issue as early as this week. Some Republican members of Congress say they intend to filibuster the gun control bill in the Senate.

Other Members of the GOP, including Arizona Senator, John McCain, say filibustering would not make any sense.