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Schumer Calls for Revision of New TSA Policy

Schumer on New TSA Policy

(WENY)-- Senator Charles Schumer says a new TSA policy could put passengers and flight crew in harms way.

He's the latest politician to publicly oppose a new TSA law allowing knives on airplanes. Schumer is asking the Transportation Security Administration to reverse its newly announced plan to allow passengers to carry knives, baseball bats, and golf clubs in their carry-ons.

He says the changes have been met by criticism from flight attendants, pilots and even some passengers.

He says, "You don't have to have a PhD in physics, you don't have to be Albert Einstein to know that these items are dangerous. This is one of the items. As you can tell, it looks dangerous, and it is dangerous. This can kill someone, and it was something just like this that the 9-11 hijackers used to bring their planes into the World Trade Center."

Senator Schumer said if the TSA is reluctant to modify this policy, Congress may have to step in and change the laws.