Schumer Wants Crackdown on Lasers

Schumer Wants Crackdown on Lasers

NEW YORK (WENY)---Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for tighter restrictions on laser devices.

On Sunday, the Senator called on federal regulators to crackdown on the sale and strength of lasers. This comes after two recent incidents where lasers were pointed at pilots in planes over Long Island.

Schumer says the power light beams shown to be a problem for pilots when the lasers were pointed at them 5,000 feet away.

In a statement, he said, "One plane crash because someone pointed a laser at the pilot, whether they did as a prank or with more prinitious thought, is one crash too many."

Schumer is focusing on the most powerful laser pointers that are being sold online. He also wants the Food and Drug Administration to require warning labels making it clear that directing lasers at aircrafts is a federal offense.