Tour De Flight For Mercy Flight

Tour De Flight

     BATH---(WENY) A local cyclist is going a long way to raise money for a vital service, which often means the difference between life and death. David Schenck, 58, of Prattsburgh will set out on a 2800 mile journey from Banff, Alberta, Canada to the U.S. Mexico border on his mountain bike. It's in an effort to raise money for Mercy Flight Central; the region's only non-profit medevac service.
     David says the idea came from just wanting to support Mercy Flight. He said, "I just thought this would be a great way to raise some funds for a worthwhile service in our region."
     Mercy Flight serviced almost half of New York; 29 counties including the Southern Tier. They transport roughly 650 patients each year. It's a costly service, and fundraising efforts like David's help out a great deal. Mercy Flight Central President and CEO, Neil Snedeker says. "The tour de flight that David Schenck is doing to benefit Mercy Flight Central is a real key part of our overall success as a non-profit air ambulance service." David's wife, Winnie Romeril, is a Mercy Flight paramedic. She says the idea of David's trip is, "a little scary..two months all by himself going through a lot of North America's vast wilderness, especially the area he's gonna be going through, it's very big risk country."
      However, it's a risk David is willing to take. Not long ago, David needed a medevac helicopter when he crashed his bike in a Pennsylvania canyon. The cost of his transport with a private medevac company cost a whopping $38,000.00. It's a bill that would put many uninsured Americans in financial ruin. A Mercy Flight transport cost $20,000.00, still a hefty sum, but the main concern for Mercy Flight has always been their patients.
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