Update: Gunman Killed in Upstate NY Standoff

Update: Gunman Killed in Upstate NY Standoff


HERKIMER, N.Y. (AP) - Authorities in upstate New York say the suspected gunman in a rampage at a car wash and a barbershop that left four people dead and two wounded has been killed by police in a shootout.

They say 64-year-old Kurt Myers was killed Thursday by police who had surrounded a block of small businesses in the village of Herkimer since Wednesday afternoon.

State police say Myers' rampage started with a fire in his apartment in the nearby village of Mohawk on Wednesday morning. They say he then shot two people dead and wounded two others at a barbershop around the corner before killing two more at a Herkimer oil change and car wash business.

Hours later, a flurry of gunfire was heard near where police had narrowed their search.

A college and schools were locked down, and people told to stay inside as police hunted Myers.


HERKIMER, N.Y. (AP) - As a standoff with a suspected gunman stretched into another day, hundreds of police surrounded an abandoned building, where he's believed to be holed up.

Police say 64-year-old Kurt Myers abruptly opened fire with a shotgun Wednesday, killing two men in the opening salvo of a rampage that left four dead, and two wounded in the village of Mohawk and nearby Herkimer. They have no motive for the shootings.

Early Thursday, two loud booms were heard outside the building in downtown Herkimer, and police periodically blared sirens in an apparent attempt to encourage Myers to surrender, if alive. A police robot has been at the scene since Wednesday, and a witness says it went into the building early Thursday and came back out again.