WENY News - WENY is seeking to resolve negotiation with DISH TV

WENY is seeking to resolve negotiation with DISH TV

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Lilly Broadcasting, parent of WENY, is continuing its efforts to renew its carriage agreement with DISH after reaching an impasse, resulting in WENY potentially not being carried by DISH.

We have prepared this page to help you continue to watch your local station, WENY, if DISH stops providing them in the service package you subscribed to.

If DISH stops providing your local channels you can still receive our news and programming through these other channels:

• Over-the-air with an antenna

• Other satellite providers

• Cable systems all through our area

• Our news is always available online through our Apple and Android apps and Web site (WENY.com).

Every employee of our TV station lives here with you - we all give time, effort and money towards bettering our town. Each of us feels terrible we have no control over DISH's decision to remove local channels from a service you pay for.

The Lilly Broadcasting negotiating team has been ready and available around-the-clock to engage in substantive negotiations with DISH—in hopes of concluding a fair agreement that reflects the current marketplace.

We recognize viewers will be upset, and we share your frustration.

Since 2015, DISH has been involved in nearly 60% of all carriage disputes with broadcasters—by far the largest amount of any pay TV operator. In fact, DISH has refused to carry one or more broadcasters nearly every week since this past Christmas.

In the end, DISH’s tactics will hurt their subscribers and you—our viewers. DISH is making subscribers pay for programming they are not receiving. That just isn’t fair.

While DISH may stop carrying WENY, we have not ‘blacked out’ our station. You may continue to receive WENY for free, over the air, and, where available, from your local cable or satellite operators. Additionally, we believe DISH should offer refunds or credits to DISH subscribers who are not receiving WENY. We recommend that subscribers contact DISH customer service to ask about a refund or a credit at 1-877-710-6331.

We hope DISH shares our sense of urgency in keeping WENY on for its subscribers. We appreciate the patience and support of viewers such as you, and we will continue to work diligently to reach a fair agreement that reflects the value of our stations in the current market place.

If you would like to learn more about local television and what can be done to help, please visit www.tvfreedom.org.

You can also determine the type of antenna needed to receive the signals of Lilly Broadcasting television stations at http://www.antennaweb.org/.

Finally, to contact DISH regarding the inconvenience caused by its unfair tactics and unreasonable demands, please call DISH customer service at 800-333-3474.

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