WENY News - Woman credited with saving abandoned baby speaks out

Woman credited with saving abandoned baby speaks out

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August 9, 2017 

ELMIRA N.Y. (WENY) -- WENY News has learned a lot about the abandoned baby over the past 48 hours. And now we're taking a closer look at the quick-thinking, alert neighbor who is being credited with saving the baby girl's life. 

WENY's Isabel Garcia sat down with Kayla Seals at Grove Park Wednesday evening who describes, in detail, the ordeal when she made the shocking discovery.  

Kayla Seals lives next door to the home where a baby girl was discovered outside, left in a plastic bag. 

She explains she was inside her home getting ready to hang out with friends, when her sister called over, noticing something moving in the brush behind the home. 

"So my sister leaned over the railing and she said mom what is that? So I look over and I'm like, you're right what is that?" Kayla says. 

Something compelled her to look further into it. Her and a friend went over to the object, thinking it may be an animal. 

"So we're thinking it's a dog. You know what I'm saying - we're thinking it's a dog. I don't know what it was but something told me to come off that porch." 

Kayla says she noticed two little legs sticking out of the bag. That's when she dropped the stick she was holding, realizing what she had just discovered. 

"I see her now, I said it's a human! I said, it's a baby!" 

Kayla goes on to say the baby girl, who we now know is 8 months old, was put in the bag head first, with her legs exposed, and she was filthy. 

"She was mess. Like a mess - I can't even sleep. 24 hours. I can't even sleep...I ripped that bag open. She was in feces, darling. In feces. Pee . Flies were all around." 

Kayla took the baby girl inside to wash her down in the bathtub, noticing the child was suffering badly.

"She had maggots on her neck, itching, just crawling on her. She had scars on her chest down...her legs was burnt, her arms were burnt, she couldn't breathe baby. She was trying to gasp for air," Kayla explains. 

While Kayla and her sister are being hailed as a heroes by the Elmira Police Department and many in the community, she says it was just the right thing to do.   

"I will understand that what you guys are doing for me, what people are doing for me and my sister is good, but honestly I don't want it, because my God told me to do this." 

WENY News would like to thank Kayla and her sister Karen for speaking with us. 

WENY News will continue to follow any further developments in this story. 

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