WENY News - N.Y. looks to ban hunters from using deer urine

N.Y. looks to ban hunters from using deer urine

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     ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- For years, hunters have been using deer urine to attract trophy bucks.

     But with New York State is looking to ban the popular lure, that method could change. 

     "There's a potential ban on deer urine due to the possibility of, or conceived spread of chronic wasting disease amongst New York State whitetails," said Hesselson's sporting goods manager, Paul Perine.

     Chronic wasting is a deadly brain infection, similar to mad cow disease in cattle.

      It's caused by infectious proteins believed to be found in saliva, feces and urine.

      The urine is typically placed on the ground around the hunter, which could contaminate plants and build up in soil.

     "Deer urine is usually used on small scent posts or scent rags spaced around an area where a person is hunting with the idea of being able to draw deer in using their sense of smell," said Perine.
     If deer urine is outlawed, it could leave hunters looking for other options. 

     "There are some synthetic lures that are formulated to replicate natural deer urine as far as an estrus lure and so forth for use during hunting season," said Perine. "It's fairly new on the market and it's substantially more expensive."

     The potential ban could also affect more than just hunters.

     "Unfortunately, if it was to be banned it could severely impact some local industries that produce deer urine as a hunting tool," said Perine.

     The state will be taking public comments on additional rule changes, including the deer urine ban, until September 15, before they make a final decision. 

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