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Infrastructure Hacks Growing with Programmers

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Ithaca, NY (WENY) -- Many of us have heard of hacking when it comes social media accounts, your credit card, and even your social security number, but it also happens on a larger scale. People around the globe are now able to access much larger scale programs, like power plants, water systems, and power grids.

Just recently and previously reported, the Schuyler County 9-11 emergency system was temporarily disrupted by criminals -- the county executive says the F-B-I is now looking into the matter...  but this just shows that now the cyber game has changed.

"Infrastructure hacking" is slowly posing to be a huge problem to the safety of the United States.  
Ken Birman, Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University, says that "its actually very hard to break into professionally managed infrastructure 
control systems or military systems, non-the-less it happens and the reason is that it's so difficult to really fully protect modern computing systems, there are just too many back doors into them at this point."

These attacks do not happen overnight.
It takes a lot of trial and error to fully ensure that the hacker has complete control.
Birman says "it becomes a long term process of compromising the system and making sure the compromises are still in place and rechecking 
and retesting now all of those events can be sensed if you monitor your system enough."

We can protect ourselves from these hackers, but it will require meticulous observation to make sure that these programs are secure. 

Lastly, Birman says that "other times you realize that there is a pattern, that this person is actually trying to break into that computer and has
 been trying for months, but they only try now and then and once we begin to monitor in a kind-of-a careful way we are often going to be able to see that these exploits are underway over a long period of time."

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