WENY News - What you need to know before stepping into the ballot box

What you need to know before stepping into the ballot box

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     ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- This year, voters will have a lot to decide on as they step into the ballot box.

     Voters will be able to decide who they want to vote for for State Supreme Court Justice and for sheriff.

     But they'll also be voting "Yes" or "No" on four proposals. 

     "For the first time we have directions on the ballot that are printed from the directions from the state that people are to turn over the ballot," said Democratic Election Commissioner, Cindy Emmer. "So on either side of the ballot they are to turn it over to make sure they do have an opportunity to vote on both sides of the ballot."

     The propositions include allowing a judge to strip a public official of their pension if they're convicted of a felony, allowing forest preserve land to be used for specific purposes, voting on whether to approve the Chemung County Library District budget and whether or not to hold a constitutional convention.

     Elmira Political Science Professor, Jim Twombly, was able to break down what a constitutional convention is.

     "It's one of the purest forms of direct democracy," said Twombly. "It's citizens deciding how they're going to be governed. That's how it works in theory."

     According to Twombly, there's also a downside to a constitutional convention. 

     "In practice, however, partly because of the way we select the delegates, and the way politics works here in New York State, it could be a little bit less than the ideal," said Twombly. "Where interest groups and individuals are protecting their own interests and not necessarily looking out for the best governance for the state of New York."

     But no matter how you feel towards the issues, all that matters is that you go out and vote.

     To learn more about a polling place near you, you can visit the Chemung County Board of Elections website at: http://www.chemungcounty.com/index.asp?pageId=6..

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