WENY News - College students compete in annual catapult contest

College students compete in annual catapult contest

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     CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Students at Corning Community College made a splash with the college's annual catapult contest. 

     The project involved first year and freshman students in the college's engineering science program.

     "This is part of our program here to get these students kind of embedded in school here," said Corning Community College engineering professor, John Longwell. "This is their first semester in college and what we want to do is try to get them so that they know each other more."

     The students spent weeks working on their catapults and now they're putting them to the test against their classmates.

     "I was just glad that the issues we ran into in our testing didn't happen where the balloon was popping either in the sling or firing backwards and hitting me," said Corning Community College engineering student, Tyler Dunkleberger. "So I got wet a couple times on our test days."

     The purpose of the competition was to see which design could sling a water balloon the farthest.

     The rules were pretty simple. All you had to do was follow a footprint and have fun. 

     "It's interesting how they work together," said Longwell. "How they interact with each, some of them have to overcome distances and differences in schedules and stuff. Today you can see, they're just excited about this. Just the ability of doing something and having fun."

     The top distance for the catapults was maxed out at about one-hundred and eighteen feet.

     "I think everybody was really contributing in terms of not only the build, but design ideas and everything. It all came together pretty well," said Dunkleberger. "Pretty proud of what we did."

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