WENY News - Diven Elementary School Makes World Kindness Day-Everyday!

Diven Elementary School Makes World Kindness Day-Everyday!

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Elmira, NY (WENY) -- Diven Elementary school takes World Kindness Day and makes it a focus every single day. They strive to teach children at an early age what kindness is and how they can demonstrate it at school and home.

Their program is based on the children's book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?". This story promotes positive behavior in a way that kids can understand. Once Teachers witness a student doing something nice, or "filling another student's bucket" they give the child a coin to reward them. Each month all the coins are collected to keep track of every kind act.

James and Eleanor, 2nd-grade students and kindness coordinators for the program say "you try to make people happy and you have to say something or do a nice action. The teacher gives it[the coin] to you when you make a nice or kind action to somebody else."

Together the students and faculty have increased their monthly total from 362 kind acts to 679.
They believe teaching these values shows the kids that no matter how small the act that they can still make a positive impact on their fellow classmates.

Michelle Thomas teacher at Diven Elementary School says "they don't realize that they can make a difference too so by teaching them kindness, teaching them empathy, which is another program we do, they learn very early on that it, just a small gesture, a smile a kind word that they can even make a difference at 5, 6, 7 8 years old."

World Kindness Day is not just a remembrance day for Diven Elementary-it is a mantra that they instill in their students every time they walk through their doors. 

Jo Legare, assistant principal says that "they really try to promote it each and every day, so even though today is World Kindness Day we like to think that at Diven every day is World Kindness Day and that's what we try to make sure that the kids understand."

The students of Devin Elementary love to participate, and say that it makes them really happy to be apart of such a great program.

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