WENY News - "Girls Who Code" teaches new generation about computer science

"Girls Who Code" teaches new generation about computer science

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     ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- For several years, middle and high school girls have been going to Cornell University to take part in a program called, "Girls Who Code". 

     The program is free and open to anyone who is interested in learning more about computer science. 

     "So we start off with the very basics," said co-instructor for middle school students, Hwee Lin Yeo. "For example, if the students want to learn how to draw a house, they have to  learn how to draw a line first. So maybe that takes one line of code and then from there  we work our way up."

     The program is hosted by the organization, Women in Computing at Cornell (WICC).

     The weekly classes teach students about the fundamentals of computer science through fun projects involving various software and hardware. 

     "We can kind of admit that technology is going to be the future, and it's something that everyone should have the chance to be exposed to," said WICC co-director of outreach, Nina Ray. "It shouldn't just be limited to the people who are already in the field. It shouldn't be limited to people who are already encouraged to go into the field. Everybody should get that chance. Because if everybody gets that chance, then everybody has the opportunity to contribute something really awesome and really meaningful to the future of our entire world."

     Classes are held on the Cornell campus from September through December, and then from February until May.

     Students are broken up into groups of three or four with volunteers in each group helping them solve problems. 

     But for the students, the program is all about having fun and learning new things. 

     "I think it's important for girls to code too," said seventh grader, Clara Alcolea. "In Cornell there's very few girls coding and it's very interesting to work with computers too, because they're like robots."

     If you'd like to learn more about the program, you can visit WICC's website at: https://wicc.acm.org/outreach.php#.

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