WENY News - Residents get heated in Tom Reed town hall meeting

Residents get heated in Tom Reed town hall meeting

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HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Republican Congressman Tom Reed got "face-to-face" with his constituents in Horseheads early Monday night.

The "town hall style meeting" was held in front of a packed house at the Horseheads American Legion.

Some of the main topics were tax reform and health care.

Some people were very heated with Congressman Reed as they believed he was "side-stepping" certain issues. 

Congressman Reed overcame the hostility at the meeting, and tried to better explain the issues facing our nation.

"He mentioned briefly closing loopholes, but I felt that it was really swept under the rug by and large," said Hornell resident, Dianne Trickey-Rokenbrod. "Trying to pacify the middle class people by saying there's a few hundred here or a few hundred there. Then still talking about cutting more services. So what are we getting for the one point five trillion dollars? What are the middle class people getting? We're getting the shaft."

Reed also says there's misinformation out there as well.

"Obviously we deal with tax reform, it's very personal," said Congressman Tom Reed. "We're talking about tax codes, we're talking about money and what we wanted to do is hopefully demonstrate there's a lot of misinformation out there, but at the end of the day I am one hundred percent convinced that when we get through tax reform, hard working people are going to benefit. Sixteen hundred dollars will be kept in their pocket rather than in the government taking it from them any longer. To me that's a good outcome."

Reed is up for re-election in November of 2018

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