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How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

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PAINTED POST, N.Y. (WENY) -- With Christmas approaching, many people are starting to go and pick out their trees. 

But there's more to picking out a great Christmas tree than just appearance.

You'll want to pick one that'll have longevity.

"The best options for maintaining longevity on the Christmas trees are to choose fur trees," said President of Empire Evergreens, David Weil. "They will have the best needle retention and these are the soft needle variety, such as Fraser, Balsam, Canaan, Douglas and Concolor. Any soft needle tree will have the best retention of the needles."

Weil says Spruce remain popular, they're only good in the house for about two weeks.

But no matter what tree you get, you'll have to take steps to make sure it lives as long as possible.    

"Best option is to get a fresh cut on the bottom of the trunk when you get it in the house and make sure the tree does not run dry," said Weil. "Make sure there's always water in the stand. Keep it away from drafts, heat registers, out of direct sunlight in a large bay window for example. Anything that's going to provide heat to that tree is going to shorten the lifespan."

As for when is the best time to get your tree, Weil says it's best to get it as soon as possible.  

"There is a shortage of Christmas trees for the foreseeable future," said Weil. "So it'd be advantageous to pick a tree early this year for the best selection because by mid-December, I predict they may be hard to come by."

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