WENY News - Local Dentist Helps Send 400 Backpacks to Puerto Rico

Local Dentist Helps Send 400 Backpacks to Puerto Rico

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ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- It's now been months since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. But there are still local efforts being made to help those affected.

Dr. Ed Ambis, a dentist out of Ithaca, was one of two who helped contribute to over four-hundred backpacks worth of supplies.

The other is in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The two each donated nearly 200 kits -- all stocked with toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and even flashlights for kids affected in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Dr. Ambis says, while keeping their teeth clean may seem routine, it also may be getting overlooked in all the chaos. This was something he could do to help

"I said 'of course we would [help],' We just wouldn't have the means to get it all down there," says Ambis, who owns Finger Lakes Family Dentistry. "Something as mundane as daily as toothbrushes might get overlooked, so we hope we make a difference. Hopefully we help some little kids in Puerto Rico keep their teeth clean."

The hope is for parents and kids to breathe a sigh of relief and to have one less burden to worry about.

"In the middle of all this seriousness going on, they might have a little fun with it too," Ambis says of the backpacks. "I hope we have a lot of smiling appreciative moms and dads, and we hope there are a lot of kids who use their toothbrushes properly and have cleaner teeth," 

"If in the small aftermath we prevent some toothaches and tooth decay, it'll be really good."

Those backpacks are now just about ready. Brian Lilly, of our Parent Company, Lilly Broadcasting will deliver the supplies to Puerto Rico later next week.

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