WENY News - Hanover's Grille forced to close by end of January

Hanover's Grille forced to close by end of January

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January 2, 2018 

HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) -- A staple restaurant in Horseheads is being forced to close its doors in the coming weeks after years of business. 

After more than two decades of business, Hanover's Grille will close by the end of the month. 

"Our last day of business, we've decided we're shooting for January 27th. This all came as a shock to us. We had no idea this was coming," says Kim Savino, one of the restaurant owners. 

Savino explains, the building was sold last July, giving them a new landlord. While they started paying rent August 1st, there was no formal lease agreement. 

"It was just more-or-less a hand-shake. We contacted [the landlord] and asked what we were going to do about a lease and she said, you know, let the dust settle, you know, let things happen and she would contact us and she would work out the details of a new lease," says Savino. 

Savino goes on to say that the months went by and nothing was arranged. That's until their new landlord called for a morning meeting last Wednesday, December 27th, giving them notice they'd have 30 days to leave.

"Someone had offered her $1,000 a month more than we were currently paying to have this space and that business was business, and it was nothing personal," Savino says. 

The co-owner tells WENY News, while she understands the business side of the situation, the way in which it was handled is disheartening.

"Business is business, I understand business. But to not have even been offered an option...For a business that had been an existing business for 21 years to have not even been offered first refusal..." Savino says. 

Since there is no new buyer to establish enough capital to move locations, Hanover's Grille will close for good marking the end of an era. 

"I've told employees that are sad, I've told people that are sad, somebody can take away my business, but they can't take away my family and they can't take away my memories. That's the one thing nobody can take from me," Savino says, emotionally. 

WENY did reach out to the landlord of the building where Hanover's Grille is located. They say they have no comment at this time.

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