WENY News - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Issues State of the State Address

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Issues State of the State Address

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Albany, N.Y. (WENY) - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued his State of the State address on Wednesday, laying out his agenda for 2018. 

Cuomo discussed a multitude of proposals and topics, including sexual harassment against women in the workplace, the opioid epidemic, and the federal tax bill. 

On sexual harassment in the workplace: "We acknowledge the long-standing bias and abuse against women and New York says it stops, it stops now and we will set the standard for other governments and industry to follow and that is the New York way." 

On the pharmaceutical companies contributing to the opioid epidemic: "We will make them pay for the illegal and reprehensible conduct. We will sue them and we will stop the spread of opioids because too many innocent lives have been lost and the time for action is now before we lose another single life."

On the federal tax bill: "This could cause people to leave the state of New York and it could reduce our ability to attract business. We must take dramatic action to save ourselves and preserve our state's economy. We have a three point strategy to address the federal assault. First, we believe it is illegal and we will challenge it in court as unconstitutional." 

Cuomo's second step is to start his own repeal and replace effort to replace the tax bill and his final step is to restructure the tax code. 

To read Governor Cuomo's full State of the State, click here.

 Assemblyman Phil Palmesano released the following statement:

“The governor laid out a broad and ambitious agenda in his annual State of the State address.  While I welcome his thoughts as a starting point for discussions on important policies that will affect all New Yorkers, I think it’s important to withhold final judgment until seeing more specific details when he presents his budget proposal in two weeks.  However, I do have some reservations as to how he plans to pay for some of his new proposals when the state is facing a $4 billion budget deficit.

 “This legislative session and budget process will be about making hard choices and sticking to important priorities. Just like how families must live within their means, it’s imperative that state government does the same. For me, it’s important that we look to advance policies that will provide bold and aggressive tax, regulatory and unfunded mandate relief that will help foster economic development, job creation and reduce the property tax burden so that families, farmers, small businesses and manufacturers will stay here and grow here, right in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes region. It’s about making sure we adequately support and fund our schools, libraries, local infrastructure, first responders and the important care and services we provide to our most vulnerable New Yorkers, the developmentally disabled.  Finally, it’s about making sure we partner with every level of government, law enforcement and local community organizations to aggressively attack the growing and deadly opioid and heroin epidemic that is taking lives and destroying families all across our state.”

Congressman Tom Reed released the following statement:

"It is disappointing that Gov. Cuomo cannot put his own self-interests and political ambitions aside for the benefit of New York. Countless businesses have announced increases in wages, benefits, and investments in local communities--all of which will enhance our economy and help create jobs. Tax reform works and hardworking New Yorkers deserve to keep more of their money. Our state has one of the highest tax burdens in the country. I call on the governor to follow our lead and cut taxes at the state level, rather than sling misinformation to try to deflect from his poor record as governor."

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