WENY News - Jury Selection Wraps on Day Three of Barkley Murder Trial

Jury Selection Wraps on Day Three of Barkley Murder Trial

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ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Jury selection wrapped up on day three of the Justin Barkley murder trial. 

In total, twelve jurors were seated--seven women and five men--with four alternates. However, the task of selecting those people has proven to be a difficult one. Both sides have continuously reminded potentials of the controversial topics that will be brought up throughout the case. 

That anticipating has driven most of the juror questioning over the past few days. For example, potentials have been asked about their stance on gun regulation and marijuana use.

But a good majority of Thursday morning was spent discussing mental health. Potential jurors were asked open-evenhandedly how they felt about mental health, including the stigmas attached. This is something both the defense and prosecution have said will be brought up at numerous points throughout this trial.

As we've reported, Justin Barkley is accused of fatally shooting 52 year old William Shumacher outside of an Ithaca Walmart back on December 8th, 2016.

This trial comes after he was initially deemed incapable to stand trial. Barkley has since undergone a mental evaluation and was found competent.

The trial will now proceed on Tuesday afternoon, where opening statements are expected to begin. 

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