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Brotherly Bond On The Hawks Court

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For many high school athletes, playing a sport alongside your brother is usually reserved for the driveway. But for two Corning basketball players, they're taking their game to the high school gym. 

"It's honestly always been a dream for me to be playing on the same team as him," said freshman Justin Rodriguez about his brother, Jason. 

"I never even thought it would be possible. It's weird he'll hit a shot, I high five him, its kind of a surreal moment at the time," said the senior about his little brother. 

This season, Corning senior Jason Rodriguez, and his freshman brother Justin both made the Hawks varsity squad. When they're both on the court, it's not hard to notice their connection.

"I know all of his moves and stuff, so I know exactly where he'll be, I know like what he can do, what he's capable of doing,"  said Justin.

"You know, when I'm cutting to the hoop, he'll find me. We just give each other the look I guess, and we know where each other's going to be, we have each other's back at all times," said the senior.

It's easy to see the chemistry between the Rodriguez brothers, just ask their teammates. But when they're on opposing teams during a drill, the intensity is turned on. 

"On the same team, their chemistry is crazy, they know exactly what each other is going to do. But when they're on opposite teams, they get after it, they get after it," said Hawks senior Ivan Jubilee about the brothers.

Both Jason and Justin say everything is a competition, whether its at home, or on the court. 

"Everything is a competition between us. We take it 100 percent serious. I'm going to beat him at all times, that's my mindset, and he's doing the same thing against me," said Jason.

When asked who was better in a one on one situation, whether it's on the court or in the driveway, both brothers had the same answer, Jason, at least for right now. The senior says give his brother a couple years, and wait and see what he can do. 

"It's not his time yet. I'm still on top, and he'll get there one day for sure I know it. But for right now, I'm just going to sit on it and accept it that I do dominate on him so," said the senior.

While the senior is enjoying his time atop the the family throne, others say the freshman is only a few more 1v1 battles away from victory.   

Head Coach John Fesetch says his money is on the freshman, and Justin knows he'll be taking it to his brother in no time. 

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