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Elmira Heights Superintendent Speaks Out, Says 'See Something, Say Something"

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ELMIRA HEIGHTS, N.Y. (WENY) -- In response to last week's school shooting in Florida, the Elmira Heights School District is encouraging students to speak up if they suspect any danger.

Superintendent Mary Beth Fiore took to social media Wednesday night, reminding students and parents to speak up if something feels wrong. 

"The first thing I think of in the morning is 'how can i keep everyone safe?'" says Fiore. "The last thing I think about at night is 'I'm thankful for getting through a day and I hope that tomorrow i can keep everyone safe.'"

The 'See Something, Say Something' initiative is a concept districts across the country are emphasizing. 

Advocates say it's also crucial to keep students, staff and communities safe.

"You have, in my case, 1,100 lives that depend on us putting systems in place that will minimize the risk of something bad happening," says Fiore.

The video reassured parents of the safety precautions the district continues to look at also of any improvements that can be made to procedures. 

"Anytime we have a drill--what can we do better, what did we forget," says Fiore. "If an unexpected element gets thrown into the plan, how do we react to it and how do we the best that we can to keep all safe?"

And just as the See Something, Say Something campaign says, the district is reminding students and staff *no* concern is too small to report.

"We live in a different age now and if you think about it, ten years ago we didn't have to have a single point of entry and air locks on schools," says Fiore. "The awareness and the ability to work together to waylay any potential threats is critical."

District officials will also attend safety training in the coming weeks, with the intent of looking at how those drills and other safety procedures can be improved. 

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