WENY News - Midday Makeover: Sending Emails that Generate Response

Midday Makeover: Sending Emails that Generate Response

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Life Couch Lisa Rustici dropped by our studios with tips on how to write emails that could guarantee a response--whether you're looking for a job or wanting to re-connect with an old acquaintance, here are some of her suggestions:

  • Personalize your message. In your opening line, it is good to refer to something you and the recipient have in common such as a function you both attended, a volunteer project that you worked on together or some other shared connection.
  • Get to the Point- make your email short, concise and clear. State exactly why you are writing to the recipient. If you have more details to add, attach the extra information separately. (ie a cover letter)
  • Ask a Great Question- Ask a question that your recipient will want to answer- something unique like, “I know you work at ___________. How did you prepare for that interview?” Or “What piqued your interest about accounting?”
  • Remember You’re Talking to a Person- Be careful about putting demands on their time or forcing them to make connections for you. Let them take the lead as far as getting together and don’t forget to express your appreciation. 
  • Make Your Email Mobile Friendly- Because people are often reading emails on their phones, long, multi-paragraph emails are difficult to read. Bullet points and short sentences work best.
  • Be Timely- If you meet someone at an event and you want to make a connection for the future, send your “it was so nice to meet you” email within 24 hours, while meeting you is still fresh in their minds.
  • Sign Off with Appreciation- An email closing that expresses gratitude has been proven to prompt more recipients to reply. Try ending with “Thank you for your time” or “Thanks in advance for your help”.
  • Be Patient-  Because people receive so many emails, give them at least 48 hours to respond. If you do not receive a reply email, then follow up with a phone call (just in case your email ended up in their spam folder). Then if they still do not answer, it’s probably time to just move on.
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