WENY News - Former Steuben County Woman Searching for Birth Parents

Former Steuben County Woman Searching for Birth Parents

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HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Alysia Kovitch was born at Ira Davenport Hospital in Bath on December 22nd, 1972. Thirteen years ago, she started the search for her birth parents.

"I don't look anything like anyone in my family," says Kovitch. "I guess that's the most difficult part is you don't see yourself looking back when you look at your family."

Although she's since moved out of state, her search began with local resources. That included Steuben County Social Services, who had handled her adoption.

Alysia received two sheets of paper--both containing minimal information about where she'd come from and some of her relatives.

"It really is pretty basic, there's really not a whole lot on there," says Kovitch. "But it gave me a lot more than I had ever had. So I was ecstatic to have that. It was so exciting to finally have a glimpse of who I am."

Alysia also found she had two older siblings--one of whom had died before she was born. The other was two and a half years old when Alysia was born.

Those records also indicated her mother was a 21-years-old cosmetologist with blonde hair and blue eyes. 

Meanwhile, her father was believed to be 25 years old at the time and working as a welder. He's believed to have been from a large Irish Catholic family. He has 4 brothers and a sister. 

Alysia's grandfather, on her father's side, is believed to have made a career of the Air Force.

"This was back in the 70's when I was born and there was a lot of shame about being pregnant at a young age and about not being married, so I think sometimes these woman lied about who they wanted the father to be or who they wished it could've been," says Kovitch.

Issues like this one have meant several leads have turned into dead-ends. 

She's since taken her search to social media.

If you, or someone you may know, might have information that can help Alysia in her search, contact Cara at WENY by calling 607-739-1412 or by emailing cdemers@weny.com

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