WENY News - Students See Major Changes in Common Core Testing

Students See Major Changes in Common Core Testing

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PAINTED POST, N.Y. (WENY) -- This week, students in grades three through eight began the first round of Common Core testing. 
The state's English portion began Wednesday; and on it, students likely saw a few changes.

"The state did a nice job of reaching out to districts," says Michelle Caulfield, an Assistant Superintendent with the Corning-Painted Post School District. "They took some of that feedback into consideration by making the tests shorter and really using the information from teachers and staff to create questions that were more appropriate for their grade level."

This year, each exam has been reduced from three days of testing to two.

Teachers were also given more opportunity to prepare students, using questions from years past.
Exams are also no longer timed--a move made by the state last year.

"It makes you anxious to know 'I have ten more questions and I five more minutes to answer them," says Caulfield. "So the non-timed piece has really helped."

Common Core testing received significant push back after being rolled out in 2012. Parents, even within local districts, made the decision to now allow their children to participate in testing.

However this year, the number of C-PP students opting is at an all-time-low. The district says that could very well be because of the changes made to the test over the past few years.

"They're listening to parents, they're listening to teachers and they're making the changes they're asking them to make for their students," says Caulfield. "I think they're trying to focus in on, what do students really need to know to be successful in their next level?'"

Students will take the math portion of Common Core in May.

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