WENY News - Float Down Chemung River Organizer Ticketed and Fined

Float Down Chemung River Organizer Ticketed and Fined

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) – With the ongoing heatwave many in our area have been doing their best to stay cool. This past weekend, hundreds of people got together for a float down the Chemung River from Elmira to Wellsburg, But Matt Warner, the unofficial event organizer, was hit with a fine by police.

He says that he was ticketed by police after he organized a 4 hour group "trek" down the Chemung River. I spoke to EPD about the matter, and they said the Mr. Warner has been warned in the past that he needed a permit.

Also, that if he didn't comply, he would be ticketed and fined. However, Warner claims that he never spoke with someone directly about it beforehand.

Warner told WENY, “I arrived at the Dunn Field boat launch early to be greeted by 3 Elmira Police cars. One being an Elmira Police Sargent. Fortunately he was pleasant. He informed me he was there on behalf of the city due a permit not being obtained.”

On his prior communications with EPD he added, “I don't think I spoke to anybody from Elmira PD. Nothing in regards to a permit. My second question is why would we need a permit for an event that is not really an official event.”

“The only thing that is creating it as an event is a word on Facebook. It is more of a get together where all parties are individual and independent.”

Warner says he also met with Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss weeks before to discuss logistics and safety concerns.

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