WENY News - Sen. Schumer visits Campbell business to talk farm bill

Sen. Schumer visits Campbell business to talk farm bill

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    CAMPBELL, N.Y. (WENY) -- Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, went to Upstate Farms Cheese Factory in Campbell Thursday afternoon to speak with company officials about what he hopes to bring back to Washington and incorporate in the farm bill. When Schumer got here, he went straight into a meeting with company officials to discuss some of the things they're affected by in their daily operations.
    According to Schumer, in the meeting they discussed the two big things affecting companies like Upstate Farms. One of which is the steel tariffs, the other, is our dairy trade relations with Canada. The Farm Bill recently passed overwhelmingly in the Senate. Now, the Senate and House have to come together on a final version of the bill before it goes to the President's desk.

     "The farm bill has some relief for our dairy farmers," said Schumer. "It provides a billion dollars more than the program. The original substitute for the milk program didn't really work well."

    Over a year ago Kraft-Heinz sold the plant to Upstate Farms, saving around 150 local jobs. Schumer says he plans on doing whatever he can to help keep this plant growing.

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