WENY News - Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe visits Elmira

Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe visits Elmira

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Libertarian Candidate for New York Governor Larry Sharpe hosted a meet and great in the Southern Tier on Friday. 

Sharpe spoke one on one with visitors at the American Legion in Elmira, covering a wide variety of issues. Some of the issues Sharpe addressed were repealing the Safe Act, Eliminating State Income Tax, Relieving over-regulated farmers and much more.

"So many New Yorker's are unhappy about the Safe Act and the excuse you get from the republicans and democrats is, "Oh we can't do anything, it is because of the assembly, they'll never pass it." that is an excuse and a lie, they should be ashamed. The reality of it is, the Governor can do things," says Sharpe.

Sharpe says there's a number of New Yorkers who say they're unhappy with their political party, and the current candidates for Governor. He says as a third party candidate, that's something he'd like to change.

"If you vote for the old parties, Governor Cuomo wins and nothing changes. If you vote for Larry Sharpe in 2018 we will have impact. If I don't even win I just do well, if I beat the Republican, if I just do well, that happens, everyone gets the message. The democrats can't run roughshod over this country, they cant run roughshod over this state. The republicans have to start being  real republicans, not democrat light. I will make better democrats who actually care," says Sharpe. 

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