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C-PP District Officials Receive Report from School Safety Organization

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PAINTED POST, N.Y. (WENY) -- Corning-Painted Post School District officials were able to hear from the Executive Director of a world-leading safety organization. 

It's called "Safe Haven International" -- during Tuesday's school board meeting, district leaders received an update on ways they can increase and maintain school safety. 

Michael Dorn is the Executive Director of Safe Haven International. Over the past few months, he and his team have been surveying the Corning-Painted Post School District to determine what safety measures are in place. 

"It's focused on identifying things that are good, that should be kept, and identifying opportunities for improvement, things that can be done better," Dorn says. 

"We've been on a journey of really building safety here in the district over a number of years, and again - as Mr. Dorn said - it's a very steady, very planned out approach," says Jeff Delorme, Assistant Superintendent for C-PP Schools. 

While the report is confidential, Dorn explains there is now increased awareness to some of the tragic events which have unfolded -- however, overall, school safety is in good standing. 

"I know it's frightening to see these things, but as a father of a 10 year old, somebody who was attacked with a weapon in 1979 in my school, somebody who was sexually assaulted not far from here when I was a child in New York State, I have maybe a different perspective - and sometimes there's awareness versus actual increases, so this district and this country, we're doing a lot of stuff very well..especially compared to what we see overseas," says Dorn. 

Dorn also says parents can help their children by understanding their level of awareness when it comes to all types of surroundings.

"It's not just about being safe, from being hit by a bus, or danger, or a shark, or whatever it may be, it's being better connected, being more aware of others and being a better person," Dorn adds. 

District officials had a chance to review the detailed draft report. Leaders say they are using Save Haven International, along with other safety experts, all for one reason: 

"...[W]e want to keep everybody safe in our schools, as safe as we possibly can," Delorme says. 

The district also brought in another top safety expert for staff training back in August. That training will now be passed to all staff, including school counselors, security resource officers, and other district members.

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