WENY News - Landlords Prepping to Assist Tenants Ahead of Winter Storm

Landlords Prepping to Assist Tenants Ahead of Winter Storm

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Elmira, NY (WENY) – This weekends Snow storm will have Landlords making preparations for their Tenants.

Often times landlords are responsible for plowing the driveway on the properties they own. One local landlord says making sure his tenants have heat is one of the main priorities.

“Whether it's a snow storm or any time of the year, they will never be more than 24 hours without heat, unless we have to order specific parts,” says Jim Capriotti, owner of Capriotti Properties.

In many cases some landlords own multiple apartment complexes and properties, so it can be difficult to decide who to attend to first.

“We split up our properties actually into three different groups. Each group of guys has a snow blower, snow shovel, and salting equipment. They'll be responsible for doing the walks and the stairways and then we contracted through someone else to plow all the driveways,” says Capriotti.

Capriotti plans to have his crews go out at least 2-3 times to remove snow from their tenants driveways and parking lots because waiting until the end of the storm means more snow to shovel at once.

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