Weather Blog


Written By: Craig Flint

Good Sunday evening! There will likely be some snow around the Twin Tiers Wednesday into Thursday. It is too early for specific numbers however, I will say parts of the area could pick up at least 6". The storm is in the process of slamming into the Pacific Northwest as I type and will move across the country at a decent clip. I'm also keeping an eye on some energy that will dive south from Canada. It appears likely this feature will provide the storm with some extra "juice" as the storm draws closer. It looks like snow will develop on Wednesday and persist through Wednesday night into Thursday. The exact track of the storm will be key for us. If this storm is anything like the last one and the track shifts to the south, it would miss us completely. The outcome will likely become a little more clear to me once I see the new data on Monday. The finer details can be a killer when it comes to forecasting snow storms, but I should have at least a better indication on how this storm will behave on Monday. See you then!

Good night!