UPDATE 10/17/2017 10:30PM: Voters in the Horseheads Central School District approved a district-wide capital improvement project today: 1350 yes, 589 no. The Board of Education certified the vote following the final tally.

HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) --  The polls are open. On the ballot: Building Our Future Now --the $94.5 million dollar Capital Project proposed by the Horseheads Central School District.

"This makes the possibility of a future for Horseheads and it's in their hands to decide if they'll make that investment," says Superintendent Dr. Thomas Douglas.

Originally pitched as Horseheads 2030, the project would include improvements to both the district's educational programs and physical infrastructure.

"Explore, empower and excel are our driving statements that we want this Capitol Project to match our educational program," says Douglas. "That [way] students have the best opportunity in life to succeed and ultimately make Horseheads thrive in the future when they come back."

The district says if approved, the project would come with a minimal increase in the annual tax levy--estimated to be no more than 1.87 percent. But despite whether or not residents have a child in the district, the plan would impact the whole community.  

"It affects everybody one way or another, whether it's property values or economic indicators or it's businesses coming to the area, the school is the center of the community," says Douglas.

And after a year-long campaign, the district says they're confident today about how they've informed the public. 

The polls, located in the Horseheads High School South Gymnasium, will remain open until 9 pm.

You can find more information about the proposal and project here.