BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- "Sometimes we hear from residents that therapy can be boring," says Anthony Just, Director of Rehabilitation at Steuben Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare.

New technology at the facility is looking to change that. 

For a few months, patients have been using "Jintronix," an interactive video game system, aimed at improving motor skills and patients' path to recovery.

"We get to tailor their plan of care for exactly what they want to do and we can challenge them in different ways," says Just. "They get to see how they're improving session by session and we can track them over time."

The system uses a camera to detect and interact with up to 25 joints in the body. From there, users are able to focus on a variety of brain and orthopedic problems.

Rehab staff say through virtual games, patients are more likely to stay motivated through their recovery process. 

"Sidestepping on the parallel bars, they might go back and forth one time and then they want to stop," says Just. "Some of the games, it's like whack a mole and they want to see the end. They want to know how many they did, they want to see the completion."

As of right now, about 100 centers throughout the country are using Jintronix. However, staff say they expect that number to grow as the technology continues to take rehab care to a whole new level.