CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Bampa's House, a group working to create a comfort care home for those at the end of their life, finally has their sights set on a spot in the city of Corning. This, after plans to open were unsuccessful in 2016. 

Now the organization has made an offer to Guthrie Hospital for a historic home on East First Street.

"The house really was a residence, so it really could work well for us," says Joan Wilson, Director of the Bampa's House Board of Director's. "These comfort care homes really are a residence. There's a fully stocked kitchen, so if family would love to have dinner with their loved ones, they can do that. The bedrooms will actually open out onto a deck, so if someone would like to see the stars for the last time, they can do that."

The organization was started shortly after Wilson's brother passed away.

"We weren't sure where to take him," says Wilson. "He couldn't come home because of his needs and we didn't want to take him to a nursing home. We realized there really isn't any other alternative."

If purchased, the home would need to be renovated to meet accessibility requirements. Its wiring, heating and cooling systems will also require repairs. 
When finished, it would offer bedrooms for up to two residents nearing the end of their life. 

"The idea of a person who can't go home, coming to an environment that looks just like their home, to me is the best thing about this," says Wilson.

The purchase of the home is now dependent on the city's planning commission. If approved, Bampa's House hopes to begin renovations in either October or November.