TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- The ex-wife of New York State Senate Candidate Amanda Kirchgessner is speaking with WENY News, days after accusing the democratic of domestic abuse. 

Brandi Morgan, 36, alleges over the span of the couple's eight year marriage, she was the victim of both physical and emotional abuse, with incidents allegedly involving pushing, objects being thrown and physical threats.

This is why Morgan says she's speaking up now, weeks before voters will head to the polls.

"Someone who would abuse her spouse and her pets is not someone I would want in office," says Morgan. "I think the electors need to know the truth about who Amanda Kirchgessner really is."

In 2015, a police report was filed by State Troopers for another dispute, after being called to the couple's then-Trumansburg home. 

A close friend of Morgan's confirmed to WENY News she was told of similar incidents over the years, in which Morgan feared for her safety. 

"I was afraid of her[and] I didn't know what else she was capable of," says Morgan. "I did not trust her. Also I was afraid she would try to kill me because she had threatened to choke me to death before. I wanted there to be evidence."

That fear is what prompted Morgan to record her exchange with Kirchgessner in 2014.

In part, the audio recording includes:

BM: You pulled my hair out to get your phone.

AK: You still wanted to be with me.

BM: I don't want to be with you.

AK: You did at the time.

BM: Yeah, because I know the person you used to be.

Kirchgessner says she was stunned the recording was provided to the media. She calls the conversation "one-sided."

In a lengthy statement provided to WENY News within the past hour, she said the couple's relationship was abusive, however she was not an abuser. She goes on in part to say, "I am also embarrassed to admit that I acted in ways that were wrong and self-destructive to me and hurtful to Brandi."

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