CANISTEO N.Y.(WENY)-- Trooper Nicholas Clark was born and raised in Canisteo. When news broke of his death back in July -- village residents were in disbelief. To honor their Trooper Clark, one resident came had an idea to rename a local park after him and from there, the idea starting gaining traction. 

"To see the passion in the board and the community members, and the push and drive that they want to have this done was pretty amazing," says Katrina Oliverio, Treasure of the Community Support Group 

This project may take about two years to become a reality, but to the family of Trooper Clark, the idea means so much 

"Were honored that the family would allow us to have his name on our park. And it's an honor to know that he stood for doing what's right," says Monica L. Recktenwald, Mayor of Canisteo

The village hopes that the name change and renovation will draw more community members to the park. 

"It's more than just a park it's, I hope one day to have it be a place that everyone gathers and knows the importance that he had on his community, but also all of the first responders and veterans that have changed all the people here in the village," says Oliverio  

Not only is the park going to be renamed in honor of Trooper Clark, but it is going to go under a complete renovation and three monuments are going to be put in place. One in honor of Trooper Clark, one for the first responders, and one for the veterans.