HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Horseheads Village Mayor Louise McIntosh has officially stepped down. McIntosh announced her resignation on late Tuesday morning--effective immediately. 

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The decision, McIntosh tells WENY News, came after a board of trustees meetings earlier this week. She says it became clear the board did not have faith in her ability to lead the village. 

"The reason I am resigning is because teamwork takes give and take," McIntosh said during a brief news conference. "Teamwork also takes trust also support. The current Board of Trustrees does not have that trust and support for the position of mayor."

McIntosh was elected back in 2015, making her term the shortest of any mayor in the village in over five decades. But despite this, she says she's proud of all she's accomplished.
Some of her proudest moments, she says, include economic development in Hanover Square and growing support for village law enforcement. 

"I do believe I've done the very best that I can," says McIntosh. "I want the residents to know we made accomplishments. I did what they asked me to do. At this point in time, the best thing for me is to step down because [residents] don't need a whole year of push and shove."

Instead, McIntosh says she hopes residents can look forward to more progress before the next mayoral election.

Horseheads is already operating without a village manager after Brad Lytle retired back in October.

Deputy Mayor and Village Trustee Robert Maloney will likely assume the role for now. 

In a statement to WENY News, Maloney said: "We do not wish to comment at this time, however we would like to thank Mayor McIntosh for her business. The village will continue business as normal and the process to hire a village manager is underway."