BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- On Monday, staff and residents cut the ribbon on the Bath VA's Community Living Center. The space, which was last renovated in the 1980's, will now offer residents a modern and more welcoming environment--a major goal for the seven million dollar project. 

"It's fantastic," says resident Amalia Pellon. "This whole place--I can't even express my feelings. It's beautiful."

The upgrades are also meant to make care more efficient--something officials say will benefit both residents and staff. Hallways have been widened and details, such as memory boxes, are meant to make it easier for residents to navigate home. 

"The residents can put their own pieces in [the memory boxes]," says Judy Schwingel, Geriatrics and Extended Care Manager. "[These are] items that either are meaningful for them or would also help them cue, 'this is my room.'"

The facility also features a cognitive stimulation room -- geared towards those with dementia or a cognitive disorder. 
Several community areas and a lack of traditional nursing stations are meant to encourage residents and staff to work closer together and mingle throughout the day. 

"It's a nucleus of care where they can see each other, they can engage with one another and the residents can really utilize it the way they would their own personal space," says Schwingel.

Several residents have already moved into their space; the rest will make the move over in the coming week.