ALBANY, N.Y. (WENY) -- Earlier tonight, New York State Lawmakers passed the Child Victims Act through both New York legislative houses. Part of what the legislation calls for is having a statute of limitations in criminal cases involving a child less than 18 years old to start until they reach the age of 23.

In the wake of multiple sexual abuse cases out of the catholic church, this bill was almost unanimously approved with a vote of 130 to 3. Some interesting things to note from this bill include a one year "look back window", where alleged victims can file abuse claims with law enforcement with an incident that happened years ago.

Also, in the hopes of criminal charges being filed the alleged victim can only file up to the age of 28, but for civil claims, you can file up to the age of 55. After the law was passed I reached out to our local NY State Assemblyman Phil Palmesano for comment, and he said, "I'm glad this legislation passed, but I'm sad  because the reason we are doing this is because of abuse from people in positions of power."

"Some people who are supposed to be advocating for and being a person of God, or a teacher or whoever. It's just wrong that these individuals took these positions, and used them as an opportunity to hurt and abuse children."

According to Palmesano, the Child Victim's Act will go into effect once Governor Cuomo adds his signature to the bill. He was not able to provide the specific date when Cuomo will sign, but says it will be in the very near future.