If you have an iPhone or an iPad with Facetime, there's a very serious security flaw to tell you about.

If a malicious user wanted to call you via Facetime, but you don't pick up, the caller can still open up and access your microphone without your knowledge or consent. The exploit requires nothing more than just a few clicks and swipes within iOS.

The phone will still ring -- but you now have a "hot mic" on your end. If you try to swipe away from the Facetime call or turn the phone off -- on some iPhones, your front facing will start up a video feed without your knowledge. 

Industry experts think the bug affects any iPhone running iOS 12.1 or newer. Apple told several online media outlets that the issue will be addressed in a software update later this week.

As of Monday night - Apple disabled group calling in Facetime, and the problem appears to be at bay for now until the patch.