HOWARD, N.Y. (WENY) -- Three men have been charged after dozens of animals were found in a severe animal abuse case in Howard. 

Donald Rush, 58, Gary Rush, 65, and Garner Rush, 69, were all arrested for allegedly "overdriving, torturing and injuring animals." They are also facing misdemeanor charges for Failure to Provide Proper Sustenance and Failure to Provide Proper Shelter for Dogs Left Outdoors. 

As we reported last month, the arrests came after an anonymous tip of several dogs left on a property without appropriate shelter in severe winter weather. 

According to the Steuben County Sheriff's Office, an animal cruelty investigation team arrived to the home on Feenaughty Hill Road, finding thirty two dogs, six puppies and one kitten. The animals were all suffering from a combination of those extreme weather conditions and no access to food or water, according to the Sheriff's office.

All three men willingly signed over ownership of the animals to the Finger Lakes SPCA, the Hornell Humane Society and Town of Howard Dog Control Officer Gary Hadsell. 

Since the incident, the Finger Lakes SPCA, the Hornell Humane Society, DCO Hadsell, as well as Pawz & Purzz Animal Rescue, American Brittney Rescue, and Rescued Treasures have all assisted in sheltering, fostering and providing medical care of the animals. 

The Sheriff's Office says an initial veterinary check of all the animals found several of the dogs were found to have numerous untreated health issues; many were unsocialized to humans. 

Law enforcement is reminding residents the law states all dogs that are outside for any amount of time must be provided with adequate shelter. That shelter "should consist of water and wind resistance from all sides, be properly insulated with blankets or straw, and of appropriate size for the animal."

If any member of the public that is aware of any incident of Animal Cruelty that needs to be investigated they are asked to contact 911 to file a report or make an anonymous report through the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office with as many details as possible.