HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- For the past 9 years, the International Research and Exchanges Board, also known as "IREX", has been doing a two-way exchange program between Georgian and American broadcasters. Over the past year, WENY News as taken part in the program with Marneuli-TV. This week we had the pleasure of hosting some of their staff  and teaching them the aspects of American television. 

"It's a very rewarding experience for me personally as well as professionally," said IREX Program Director, Maya Mateshvili. "To see how people working in the media field get to know each other, see behind the scenes of how the  TV industry works and see the nuts and bolts and learn best practices from each other on a very grass roots level."

The Marneuli staff have gone out on numerous stories, shadowing WENY reporters in the field. While also learning how an American station works, from directing and editing, to management and promotions. 

"I'm a multimedia journalist and MMJ-ing is a very noble thing for Georgia," said Marneuli TV reporter, Shota Kveladze. "So one thing that is a main takeaway for me is how my colleagues here work and also how well they do post production and how well they edit. I learned a lot of the tricks of the trade."

Even though their time with us has come to an end, we're glad they were experience our local community. 

"A few things that I will always cherish and remember is how hospitable and warm and welcoming the American people are and the culture," said Kveladze. "The local culture, I went to the glass museum, the Arnot Art Museum. So these memories will stay with me forever."