BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Almost five years after a murder in Endicott, a local man is accused of killing his father.

The Broome County District Attorney’s office announced on Friday that Shawn Kostick, 33, was indicted on 10 counts by a grand jury in February in the 2014 death of his father, Harry Kostick.

The indictment was unsealed Friday morning in Broome County Court.

The indictment alleges Kostick killed his father at a home on Lincoln Avenue in Endicott between September 1 and October 3 in 2014.

When answering questions as to why this indictment has been brought up recently, Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell said, “with murder cases, they’re never closed unless they’re solved. The defendant is incarcerated…but that doesn’t mean the police agencies or investigators involved in the case have stopped. It just sometimes it takes a while to take that case to court or before a grand jury.”

DA Cornwell said very few details can be released at this time, since the case still needs to be reviewed in court.

Endicott Police investigated the homicide after the department reported to 12 News in March of 2015 that it was searching for missing 56-year-old Harry Kostick. The department was assisted with New York State Police.

Court documents said Kostick is also accused of threatening possible witnesses to impede the investigation by Endicott police and falsely writing checks totaling $2,983 from his dead father’s account after the suspected time of his father’s death.

Kostick is charged with the following:

  • Second-degree murder, a class A felony
  • First-degree manslaughter, a class B felony
  • Second-degree intimidating a victim or witness, a class D felony
  • Two counts of third-degree intimidating a witness, a class E felony
  • Four counts of second-degree forgery, a class D felony
  • First-degree criminal contempt, a class E felony