ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Legislators in Chemung County decided to not move forward in retaining a lawyer in the pending case surrounding the firing of their attorney. The decision came after budget committee members met for an executive session, which lasted well over an hour. 

As WENY News has reported, Chemung County Executive Christopher Moss fired Legislative and Special Districts Attorney Bryan Maggs, at the end of February. 

The issue at hand involves both party's interpretation of the county charter, and ultimately who has the power to appoint an attorney. The legislature - as a whole - did begin paperwork to file for an Article 78 proceeding, which would bring the case to the State Supreme Court.

During Monday night's special meeting, officials talked about some recent positive conversations with Moss. Chairman David Manchester tells WENY News, there are plans in the works to continue those talks and hopefully resolve the issue, all together.

"We decided to table this so that we can build off of conversations that have been held in the last couple weeks and see if we can find some more common ground and see if we can avoid any further action, or legal action in this," Manchester says. 

Manchester went on to say he plans to have those conversations in the next few weeks. 

What did happen Monday; the Chemung County Legislature passed a measure to establish a local law which essentially clarifies the wording of the charter to avoid any potential future misunderstandings. That measure passed 14-1. 

We'll continue to follow any developments in this ongoing story.