ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Sondra's City Zoo in Elmira is making a big change. They say they will no longer be selling puppies at their store.

For six years, Sondra's City Zoo has been selling puppies, however that has come to an end. Roughly three weeks ago the store sold their last puppy ever. Owner of Sondra's City Zoo, Sondra Whalen says the decision comes after meeting with a local animal advocate and learning more about conditions in puppy mills.

"We've always strive to not buy puppies from commercial breeders because I never felt comfortable with the idea that the dogs were not part of a family," says Sondra Whalen, owner of Sondra's City Zoo.

Sondra says because of this she has always been very cautious as to where she got her puppies. Usually getting them locally or most of them being accidental litters.

Whalen added, "I was able to go along to an intake of some puppy mill dogs that they got in, and saw the conditions some of these dogs are kept in. That was able to kind of convince me that something needed to be done."

New York state lawmakers are working to ban so-called puppy mills. Legislation recently introduced would prohibit pet stores across the empire state from selling dogs in unregulated breeding facilities.

Sondra says she will now be working with Tanners Paws and Animal Care Sanctuary to help find puppies and cats a forever home. Customers will be able to view and meet the animals at Sondra's City Zoo, and if they're interested in adopting they can through either Tanners Paws or Animal Care Sanctuary.