VESTAL (WBNG) -- Parents are outraged after a dangerous drug was found at a day care center in Vestal.

Cub Care Children’s Center Executive Director Deborah Fitzgerald says it was discovered last week in the cafeteria.

“In our cafeteria, at clean up, between snack, a small packet with a suspicious, what we felt was a suspicious substance was found by one of our staff,” she explained.

That substance was determined to be meth, according to the Vestal Police Department.

Fitzgerald says this happened Wednesday, March 27, but she didn’t notify parents until Monday, April 1 with this letter that was both emailed to them and sent home.

“I think this was so far out from our typical wheel house that we did not respond as we would have expected ourselves to respond,” Fitzgerald said.

Parents 12 News spoke with say they are upset the director notified them days later.

“A lot of us have just met with the head director and considering pulling our children out depending on how they handle the situation going forward,” Sarrah Afify of Vestal said.

Fitzgerald has this message to the parents: “It’s from me personally and my personal apology to them. I’m sorry. This is heartbreaking to me.”

The Vestal Police Department says investigators are still trying to figure out how the meth got there and will continue to conduct interviews.

“We’ve conducted extensive interviews with the entire staff at this center,” Lt. Chris Streno said.

Fitzgerald told 12 News the center plans on changing its protocols moving forward if a situation like this were to happen again.

Cub Care is located inside an administration building for the Vestal Central School District, which released the following statement Tuesday:

The Vestal Central School District has been notified of an incident that occurred at an independent provider of Universal Pre-Kindergarten services. The Vestal Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into this matter and will provide necessary information to the District upon its completion.

The District has been made aware of communication from the provider to the families outlining the nature of the incident.

As educators we recognize there is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of
students. We are actively monitoring this situation and will be working with the provider to establish appropriate protocols to protect student safety.