TRUMANSBURG, N.Y. (WENY) – A scout master with Boy Scouts of America out of Schuyler County finally received some much needed good news.

Rick Evans bought a raffle ticket from the rotary club at the Trumansburg Shur-Save a few weeks ago and was selected to participate in a three minute super market sweepstakes shopping spree.

“We were in desperate need of some good news,” said Evans. “I contracted brain cancer, diagnosed in august. Had brain surgery in Rochester to remove the tumor, I've been recovering since.”

The cancer wasn't strong enough to keep Rick's spirits down; practicing his packing strategy as he prepared to gather as much meat and canned goods as possible.

The shopping spree happened to coincide with the scouting for food program, which is when boy scouts all over America collect food for their local food pantries.

“Service has always been important to me, and now I'm able to donate a cart full of food to a local food pantry,” said Evans.

Evans is choosing to donate the food to the The Hector Presbyterian church food pantry. He managed to reel in $195 worth of groceries for the food pantry.