ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)--Sunday, March 14th, Cornell University will be hosting a large-scale emergency exercise at Schoellkopf Field. Emergency response teams go through vigorous training exercises and classes through out the year, but they rarely get to combine with other local teams to practice for mass emergencies. Sunday will be the combination of the town and city of Ithaca responders along with Cornell Universities responders. The exercise is not only good practice, but teams will be able to learn what they are good at and what needs improvement from these drills.

"We have evaluators assigned to different areas and different components of the exercise to make sure we're keeping good notes and understanding exactly what's happening, what unfolds in front of us, trying to find our areas for improvements as well as what we do well," says Nathan Hunter, Emergency Management for Cornell university EH&S.

The exercise will begin at 11:00 a.m. and go until 1:00 p.m. but will not cause much disruption to the campus. Emergency vehicles will be going back and fourth during these hours, so there will be no cause for concern if they are seen with in the area of Campus Road.